Aaaah! I just slid down into a tub filled with warm water and epsom salts, and boy, does my body feel better already! After four weeks of going non-stop at training camp, then seven weeks of tough, hard-fought games, I am ready for our bye week and some rest and relaxation.


As you know, football is both a physical and a mental game. I spend many hours each week in meetings and studying game plans. So during the bye week, I want to rest not only my body, but also my mind. I will watch a few movies and play a lot of video games. Basically, I’ll do ‘mindless’ things where I don’t have to think, just relax. You may want to do this, too. I know many high school and college football programs are pretty intense. So when your week off comes, try to squeeze in some things to do to clear your mind and relax your body. Then you’ll be ready for the second half of the season. Have fun!



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