One of the things I’m always telling players is to ask yourself if you really want to play football.


It’s about halfway through the season for many school districts. You may have a slight or bad injury that you’re nursing. You may be tired. You may have lost focus on your goals and have let your classroom work slip a bit


. Now is the time when you wonder if you have the ‘Heart of an Athlete”. Are you still motivated to do your best on the field and in the classroom? Motivation is defined as ‘Something that causes one to act”. Do you still have the passion…with passion defined as having that “compelling emotion or feeling” toward this game?


There are a lot of distractions in our lives. My tip to you is to determine if you are still motivated and still have the passion.

1.  Review your goals.
2.  Understand your purpose.
3.  Re-evaluate your goals.
4.  Get some time alone to really think about what you want to do and what you need to do to be successful–in your eyes.
5.  If you are a spiritual person, spend some time with God for guidance.

Then get back to work!



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