Football is a very physical sport, as you well know. It’s a sport that requires a lot of different skills. You must have quick hands, quick feet, be able to take off with bursts of speed, have great agility, and a lot of strength to be good in football. Running sprints and lifting weights is great to get in shape for football. But it is not enough alone. Your body must be healthy to perform all of the skills you will need for the game.


Prior to beginning your football season, I recommend that have a physical examination. Even if your school does not require one, please ask your parents or guardians to have you checked out by a doctor to be sure your body can withstand the physicalness of the practices and in the game.


Then be sure to take care of your body throughout the season. Drink lots of water or other liquids that will hydrate your body. Caffein, an ingredient in many sodas and tea, are known to dehydrate. So limit drinking those items during the season.


Bottom line, you want to be fit and in tip-top shape so you are ‘ready for some football’!


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