Blalock’s Tips to Become a Better Football Player

As you know, I grew up in Texas where football is a religion. Not only did I start playing flag football at age six, my Dad, like most dads, took me to the Plano East High School football games on Friday nights from age six until I could drive myself! I wasn’t always watching the games, but that was where I starting really learning about tackle football.

Below are my tips for being a successful football player. I hope you’ll find them interesting, if not helpful to your football playing days.





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Goal Setting
Health Checkup
Focus & Discipline
Studying & School Work
Motivation & Passion
Halfway Point
They Bye Week
The Changing Weather
Playing Like A Team
Taking Care of Your Body Down the ‘Stretch’
Keeping Commitments to Keep Sane
Making a Healthy ‘Game Plan’ for Bowl Season
Another Tailgating Tip

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