If you really want to be a great football player, you have to set your mind to it. By setting your mind to it, I mean you have to focus on what you want to/need to achieve. So how do you know what to achieve? Well, besides what the coaches tell you to do, you should have goals for yourself.


So how do you set a goal? Well, Webster’s Dictionary defines a goal as, “The end toward which effort is directed; aim, purpose, aspiration, dream, objective.”1 So if you are making an effort on the football field, on the basketball court, or any sport’s venue, then, you should have in mind what you want to accomplish.


My mother would always tell me that a goal is “just a ‘dream’ if it doesn’t have some way to measure it and make certain you achieved it”. Therefore, you must decide in your mind what you want to accomplish for the season and set a goal or goals.


You can set goals by your position. For example, if you are an offensive lineman, like me, you might want to set a goal to “allow no quarterback sacks or to make at least two pancake blocks for each game”.


Or, you can set short term goals for each week or each game. Here’s an example for a running back: I will gain 75 yards during our game against Main St. High School. Of course your goals are somewhat determined on how many plays include you for that game. But you know once you get that ball…it’s off you go! Then, at the end of the game you can ‘measure’ what you achieved against your goal.


Aim high and stay focused on your goals!



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